October 2007

We’ve had the pumpkins in front of our house for a while, but we never got around to carving them. Brittan didn’t really want to carve them, but I still wanted to cut out the top, get out the seeds to eat them. I LOVE baked pumpkin seeds. So tonight we finally got around to it. We let Aussie play with the pumpkin goop and he definitely loved it! It was funny to watch his expressions as the orange goo squished through his tiny fingers. Enjoy the pictures!


My boys and I picked out our pumpkins yesterday. Nothing too extraordinary since Austin doesn’t care yet, but it was still fun for me. 🙂 I love family holiday traditions and hopefully next year Austin will enjoy it a little more. We went to a small pumpkin patch in Sandusky on Sunday afternoon and picked three pumpkins. (Blogger isn’t letting me upload pictures, so I’ll have to do it tomorrow. For now, check out my flickr account!)

Here are some pictures of African turtles from Back To The Wild in Castalia. I spoke about them in a previous post.

Their shells are deformed and it is very debilitating for them. Although it is sad, it’s interesting to look at!
This one was trying to escape…..with no luck.

TGIF! This week has been absolutely crazy and it isn’t going to slow down for a month or so. Things at work are very hectic as we have the Firelands Uniform “Scrub” Show next Thursday and Friday. It has basically consumed my life for the past month or two, so I look forward to actually having the show and hopefully making oodles of money for OEM! 🙂 I’m just glad that is Friday already.

This is a very important weekend for my mom. She is defending her PhD thesis on Monday to a panel and they will decide if she passes or not. I have all the confidence in the world that she will do an amazing job. She has worked so hard toward this goal and dedicated so much time and effort into her research. We are all so proud of her. I can’t wait to see her present her research and celebrate with her afterwards.


When we are in Ann Arbor, Austin likes to watch Buddy since he isn’t used to animals. Here are a few pictures of them together.

Austin got his first haircut recently by his great Aunt Sandi. I picked him up early from daycare and we both went to get haircuts. She cut Austin’s hair first in case he got fussy. He sat in his bumbo and sat pretty still. She even used the electric razor and he didn’t flinch. I know that you are “supposed” to wait until their first birthday for a haircut, but it was badly needed. He was starting to get “wings” because his hair was curling at the ends and was hanging over his ears. He looks even more handsome now! Check out our little man!

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