December 2007


I am so lucky. Tonight was very low key birthday, but I loved it. We ordered Chet and Matt’s pizza and Brittan picked it up for us. Since my family will be in town soon (and we always get the hot wing and cheddar King Kong), I decided not to go with the hot wing pizza and went with the DELICIOUS California artichoke pizza. It has feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes and it is sooo good. Brittan went with the Chicken Alfredo pizza, which is also pretty good.

After dinner, I wanted to get Cold Stone ice cream, so I checked their website for the menu. When looking for the menu, I noticed that they have a birthday club, so I signed up and got a FREE “Love It” size ice cream. I got cheesecake ice cream with raspberries, strawberries and almonds. Yum-o! 🙂

Well, Aussie and I are both sick…again. I really wanted to go to work today since the girls made food for my birthday, but I just couldn’t go. I haven’t slept in nights and I just didn’t feel well at all. Aussie has been fighting a cough for the past few weeks, so I decided that we’d both stay home today. By the afternoon, though, I was getting cabin fever, so Austin and I visited the girls at work for a few minutes and I got a piece of Betsy’s cheesecake. yummy!

Now I’m trying to get some rest and Austin is fighting third nap of the day. Hopefully he will sleep for an hour or so. G’night from two sick Gills…

Since it has been entirely too long since I’ve posted, I will try to cover at least some of the things that have happened in the past month. Austin is 7 months already and changing daily. One of his favorite things to do is crumple paper, especially Sunday ads. He also loves “talking” and saying “mama”. I tell myself that he associates the word with me, but he doesn’t understand that quite yet. Brit is still trying to get him to say Da-da, but we all know that he loves his mommy most. 🙂 I’m going to try and upload movies of him talking, but something is wrong with the visual feed. Maybe I’ll have to wait until Jacki comes next week so she can help. She is always my go-to person for IT issues.

The past month has been busy with Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, and birthdays. I will let the pictures explain most of things that we’ve done. We went to Ann Arbor for Thanksgiving and it was the first time that we’ve eaten Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house.

Austin had fun “eating” the Thanksgiving food, but he mostly smushed the cranberries and mashed potatoes between his fingers. He did eat a few pieces and it was so funny to watch his cute little face curl up when he ate the unfamiliar foods. (check out the cool turkey bib that my mom made for him!)We also did “holiday crackers” and Aussie had to join in the fun by wearing the crown from his cracker. Check out this cool dude:

The day after Thanksgiving, I tried to buy a GPS from Staples online, but their system crashed and wouldn’t accept my card. I tried calling their customer service, but they were already out of stock. They said there were a few left at the store in Ypsi, so my dad and I decided to drag ourselves out of the house and see if we were one of the lucky people to actually get one. We arrived at about 6 am and of course they were out of stock. We decided to hit up Target since they had a few GPS systems on sale, too. They actually had both systems in stock when we got there!! I ended up getting the TomTom model and I LOVE it. It has really come in handy for marketing calls for work. I will definitely be using it for my trip to Chicago this weekend! I have been wanting a GPS for a while, so I was very excited when I finally got one (and at a good price!). While at Target, I also got several DVDs and another present for John. We only waited in line for 30 minutes or so, then we headed to a few other stores. I was ready to go home after Target, but my dad felt like he was missing out on the “Black Friday” fun since he didn’t buy anything, so we went to Meijer, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, and several stores at the mall.

While at the mall, I got several Christmas presents for people and was glad that the A2 mall had several different stores than we have in Sandusky. They had a Children’s Place and they were actually having some pretty good sales. I couldn’t resist buying these “Cool as ice” shirts for the three boys. (This picture was taken at Brock’s birthday lunch at the Old Dutch.)

When we got back from Ann Arbor, we put up our Christmas tree and other decorations. Austin loved watching us put the tree up and listening to Christmas music. Here is a picture of our little boy playing with the ornaments. He had fun dumping them out of the basket, putting them in the basket, and taking them out again.
Here are a few random pictures….

We finally put the swing away since Austin is too big for it, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture of our chunky boy one last time.

He is too old for it, but he still liked playing with the tray that comes with it and looking in the mirror above him.

Megan bought Austin the CUTEST “alaskan” pajamas a few months ago, so we finally got some pictures of Austin in them. They are still too big, but we couldn’t wait to put them on him. They have moose all over them and say “sleepy head”. She also got him a few other things, including adorable moose slippers, but those don’t fit yet. We will definitely take pictures when they do fit!

I’m hoping that this week goes quickly since the annual Senses’ Christmas Chicago Reunion is this weekend. It will be our sixth annual trip and it is ALWAYS a good time. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen those girls and it’s always fun to go shopping in downtown Chicago.

In the meantime, it will be a busy week. Tomorrow night, I’m going shopping with Kelly and Vicki, probably out of town again. Tuesday is my birthday so we will probably go out to eat somewhere and maybe get some Cold Stone ice cream. It will probably be a low-key night, but it is exactly what I love. I love spending time with my two boys. Wednesday night is the Chamber after-hours that we might go to, and Thursday night I’ll have to pack for my trip. I’m working a half day on Friday and then I’m CHICAGO-BOUND! wahoo!

Have a great week everyone!