February 2008

Here’s some video Uncle John took of Austin crawling this morning! He has finally figured out how to coordinate his hands and legs to get going forward. 🙂


Our family was dealt a terrible blow yesterday. My little sister, Caitlin, was diagnosed with a possible pilocytic atrocytoma tumor. It is a golf ball-sized tumor on her brain, which thankfully is completed encapsulated with only minor cysts surrounding it.

She is in surgery now, and they expect it to be done around 8-10pm tonight.

Please check her blog at getwellcaitlin.blogspot.com for more updates. Pray for a quick recovery!

John and Jacki are coming to visit this weekend! John returned from Iraq last week and is able to take leave for a while. They are driving up to Ohio this weekend and then headed up north during the week. I’m excited for them to stay at our place while in OH because John hasn’t met Austin yet and Aussie can’t wait to meet him. It should be a fun weekend of catching up and just hanging out. I’m just hoping that they’ll bring some warm weather with them! 🙂

It has been entirely too long since I’ve posted on our blog. With the holidays and being really busy at work, time just seemed to get away from me. I actually started a post last week about all of the craziness going on, but we had an event in our life that seemed to put everything into perspective. Our “problems” seem so insignificant and minuscule compared to what other people have had to endure.

Last Monday, Brittan’s boss gave birth to a little baby girl, Olivia Riley. Both mom and baby seemed to be doing really well after a great pregnancy and normal delivery. On Tuesday afternoon, Olivia’s heart stopped working and she died after less than 24 hours on Earth. After hearing the news, I could barely breathe. I can’t even IMAGINE what it’d be like to lose a child so soon. They never got to see her smile, to put her in a little dress and put a bow in her hair; they never got to take her for a walk, to put her in a swing, or love her and show her off to all their family and friends. They never got to see her crawl or walk on her own-and they’ll never have the opportunity to see her grow up. My heart goes out to everyone in their family, especially her parents.

Please check out Olivia’s obituary and pray for her: Olivia Riley
We attended Olivia’s funeral last week and it was heart-wrenching. It was a emotional roller coaster week for her family: going from complete elation at the birth of a beautiful baby girl, to complete sadness at the death of child. However, Olivia’s family is staying strong because they know that she is a little angel, overlooking everyone.

After hearing about Olivia’s sudden death, I have given Austin an extra hug and a kiss every day (if it’s even possible to give him more kisses!). I already love my family and friends so much, but after hearing news like it, it makes you even more appreciative of the love that you share. Give your loved ones an extra “I love you!” tonight!