March 2008

It was fun to enjoy your first Easter as a family of three! Grandpa Brad, Grandma Therese and Aunt Caitlin came to visit on Saturday and we had fun coloring Easter eggs, playing Wii and watching I Am Legend. On Sunday, we celebrated Easter at Jerry and Vicki’s new house. Check out some of the pictures from the weekend:

Austin and his cousins Brayden and Brock

Austin loves reading books (well, at least turning the pages)! Honestly, he could sit by his toy box and pull out every book and “read” it over and over.


This weekend has been the antithesis of eventful. With the exception of Brittan working 4-5 hours on Saturday and going out to snow blow at least 3 times since Saturday morning, we haven’t left the house. Actually, we did take Austin outside for a couple minutes to get some fresh air. Check out the pictures!

Brittan waving hello…

Austin looking up at Brittan. He loves his Daddy!

Austin wearing mommy’s boots in the snow!

Austin finally broke his first tooth! Although it took 10 months, Aussie finally has a tiny tooth breaking through. He’s been especially grumpy and snotty lately, which we definitely attribute to teething. I tried to take some pictures today, but he keeps feeling his tooth and wouldn’t let me get a clear picture. Here are some shots:


This is his “my teeth hurt-mommy help me!” face…

Yesterday, my dad and his mom drove back from the state wrestling tournament. They decided to stop in Sandusky for a quick lunch and to visit Austin. Aussie has changed so much since he’s seen his great-grandma, so it was fun to see them play together. Here’s a cute picture that we snapped.