June 2008

Today was an unexpected day off of work. Austin woke up with a wicked fever and nasty cough. He was very clingy and just wanted to be held-which is completely unlike him. So I decided to stay home with him and I’m hoping that he gets the sickness out of his system before our vacation next week.

He took a 2 hour nap this morning and a 1 hour nap this afternoon, so he seems to be doing much better than this morning. The Tylenol definitely helped our little baby boy feel more like himself. Right now, he playing with the remote and enjoying flipping the channel back and forth without getting yelled at. Who could yell at such a cute face??

Tonight, Brittan and Austin are going to hang out together while I go out to dinner for Aunt Sandi’s birthday. We are going to TGiFriday’s with the women in Brit’s family-that is always a good time. I’m not feeling the greatest though, but hopefully Austin didn’t pass anything onto me.

Have a great hump day everyone!


Last weekend, we went down to Mason, OH for Shannon and Justin’s wedding. After a torrential downpour on Friday night, it ended up being a beautiful weekend and everything went off without a hitch.

We left Sandusky on Friday morning and met my parents around 8 am in Toledo. Then we carpooled together down to Mason. Once we reached Mason, we went to a Mexican restaurant and it was delicious. Austin actually liked the chips and salsa, too! After lunch, I got ready and headed to the rehearsal. The rehearsal lasted about 90 minutes, and then Brittan and Austin met up with us for the rehearsal dinner. The food was good and the company was even better. I missed my girls so much and it was SO fun to see them again. (when are we going to CP this summer??)

Saturday morning, Austin woke up EARLY-and with 5 people in one hotel room, all of us had to wake up as well. So I headed over to Shannon’s parent’s house to get ready for the big wedding day. The wedding wasn’t until 4:30 pm, so we were able to hang out and enjoy every moment. The wedding ceremony went perfectly and the fun really started after that : ) . The wedding party spent time in the limo and took lots of fun pictures. I can’t wait to receive the CD of pictures; I’ll definitely some of the more “unique” pictures! Here are a just a couple pictures in the mean time…

Sunday came too quickly and the weekend was nearly over. We drove to the other girls’ hotel to say goodbye to everyone. After our goodbyes, we went to Chipotle for lunch and Graeter’s for dessert. Then we headed back to Sandusky. As soon as we got to town, we went to Brittan’s grandparents’ home and celebrated Father’s Day with amazing steaks. (thanks, Jerry!) It was nice to see Brit’s side of the family as well and despite being extremely tired, we all had a great time.