I’m so far behind in blogging, so my posts will probably out of order.

Anyway, apparently bad gums run in my family so I had some dental work done last Friday. The periodontist performed root planing to prevent any future problems. (I had the right side of my mouth done a month ago, and everything was fine). Well, last Friday they did my left hand side and nothing seemed to go right. I waited for a while to get into the chair, and once I was there, the doctor had to give several shots of anesthesia. Unlike last time, I could still feel EVERYTHING that the assistant was doing in my mouth and it was pretty painful. Needless to say, I asked the doctor to give me more shots of anesthesia, but I could still feel it. Thankfully, I brought my iPod this time, so it helped with the drilling noise that seemed to shoot right from my mouth into my ear drums.

That afternoon and next day, my mouth was very sore and I couldn’t eat anything too tough. Well, Saturday morning, Austin decided to test how sore my mouth was. I was leaning over to give him a kiss, and he jerked his head up and chipped my tooth! He must have a hard head! At first, I thought he chipped my top tooth, but thankfully it was my bottom tooth and it’s hardly noticeable. Thank goodness for dental insurance!