October 2008

We finally had the ultrasound today to see how our little baby is progressing and to find out his or her gender. I had been counting the days since my last appointment until the ultrasound and today finally arrived!  My appointment was supposed to be at 8:45 am, but the ultrasound tech called at 8:40 and said that the doctor was running late.  Well, I was already on my way, so I waited over 30 minutes for the first appointment to finish.  Brittan and I finally got called back to the room and it seemed to take forever until we could find out the gender.  The tech found and measured nearly all the organs including the kidneys, heart, stomach, and gall bladder before telling us the gender.  When she finally asked us if we wanted to know the gender, we were happy to hear the ultrasound tech say “Do you see those two little lines? You are having a GIRL!”   Here are some pictures of our sweet princess:

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised to find out that it’s a girl.  Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I knew that it was a girl—I just feel different than last time.  After being sick and exhausted for the first 12 weeks, it confirmed my suspicions.

Following the ultrasound, they sent me back to the waiting room to wait for my regular check-up.  After waiting 45 minutes, I finally got to see the doctor and he was very surprised at my progress.  Although I am 22.5 weeks, I am measuring at 28 cm (approximately 28 weeks).  I’ve only gained 6 pounds in 5 months (I probably gained at least 15 by this point with my pregnancy with Austin!)  and the baby is in the 27th percentile for growth. The doctor couldn’t explain why I am measuring so big, yet my weight and the baby’s growth is so minimal.  I’m assuming that I’m just carrying her high…who knows?  Either way, I am just so happy that she is healthy!  Her heartbeat was 159 bpm during the ultrasound and 165 during the doctor’s appointment.  I can’t wait to meet our little baby GIRL!!


When Jacki and John came to visit two weekends ago, they brought Austin the cutest gift.  They gave him a bucket of clip-o blocks and Austin loves them!  He loves putting things together and building “towers”.  Brit and Austin made a big tower and called it the “Finger of Doom”.  Here’s some pictures of Austin with his new favorite toy!

Today we finally got around to carving the pumpkin that Austin picked out last weekend.  Surprisingly, Austin didn’t want anything to do with the pumpkin goop and he wouldn’t even touch it!  Last year, he couldn’t get enough of the gooey mess, but today was a different story…oh well. He still had fun watching Brittan carve the pumpkin and watch me prepare and cook the pumpkin seeds.  He also enjoyed playing with the light-up eyes I bought for the pumpkin.

Tonight we went to the Schaeffer’s Halloween Party and had a great time.  We, the Gill family, went as the “Gill”igan’s Island crew!  Jerry and Vicki were Mr. and Mrs. Howell, Brandon and Kelly were Gilligan and Ginger and Brittan and I were the Professor and Mary Anne.  Everyone had an awesome time and ate lots of fun Halloween treats!  My personal favorites were the deviled eggs dyed green, with a black olive on top to look like an eye ball. 🙂

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Kissy/fishy face

Kissy/fishy face

Austin had to touch every pumpkin!
Austin had to touch every pumpkin!

Brittan, Aussie and I went to Downing’s Farm on Saturday to pick out pumpkins for Austin and the new baby.  Austin had much more fun this year and actually picked out his own pumpkin.  (Actually, for the first 10 minutes, he wouldn’t even look at the pumpkins There were two dogs there, and he kept yelling “BUDDY!” and was wondering why they weren’t coming to say hello.  He’s such a goofball!)  Austin walked up and down the rows and had to touch every pumpkin to see if they were rough or smooth.  He ended up picked a perfectly smooth pumpkin about the size of himself.

After picking the two pumpkins, we went to Toft’s and got pumpkin pie ice cream.  It was fun family time and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

Austin is sick again and I’m not feeling very well, either; he was up constantly last night with an awful cough and he was having difficulties breathing.  By 5 am, Austin wouldn’t go back to sleep in his crib, so I rocked with him for an hour and then Brittan took over.  As exhausted as we both were, it was WONDERFUL to rock with Austin like he was a baby again.  No matter how big he gets, he’ll always be my baby. 🙂

After we rocked with Aussie, he fell asleep for a little bit.  Brittan and I were relaxing for a minute, but the baby had other plans.  He/She kept giving me gentle kicks and punches-it was so sweet!  Brittan put his hand on my belly and he felt the first kick.  It definitely makes the pregnancy “more real” for Brittan to be able to feel his newest son/daughter. It was such an exciting milestone to feel at 21.5 weeks!

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