Austin has been an especially sweet and affectionate boy lately.  He has really been into giving hugs and kisses and Brittan and I couldn’t love it more!  It just melts our hearts when he reaches out to give a kiss without being prompted.  I may be biased, but he is the cutest little boy in the world. 🙂

Also, Austin has really been surprising me with his speech comprehension.  He is putting more words together and is really starting to understand more of our “conversations”.  He is adding to his vocabulary daily and seems to learn something new all the time.  We were counting his blocks today and I said “1…2…3..” and Austin followed with “4…5..”—it was so cute and I couldn’t have been prouder!  He’s also been learning more body parts and can pretty much point to anything if you ask him (nose, eyes, ears, neck, chin, cheeks, shoulders, toes, belly, hair, head, mouth, tongue, knees, etc…)

Speaking of body parts, he’s also starting to know his bodily “functions”.  On Monday, we were eating dinner and out of nowhere, Austin said “Mommy, I pooped.”  At first, I thought he just wanted to say the word “pooped”, but then the room started to have that undeniable smell.  He had pooped in his diaper!  I couldn’t believe that he actually articulated to us that he had pooped.  To a non-parent, this may seem trivial, but a parent can appreciate that any progress in this “department” is awesome.   I realize that Austin won’t be potty trained anytime soon, but it’s nice to know that he has some interest in it.  Hopefully we won’t have 2 children in diapers for too long! 🙂