February 2009

She’s arrived! Adrianna Charlotte Gill came into this world at 3:38 pm and we couldn’t be happier. We are just elated to have a healthy, beautiful baby girl to complement our growing family. She weighed in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces and was 19 inches long. The labor and delivery was much easier with her than with Austin and that makes for a very happy mama. 🙂 I will post more later, but I just wanted the give a quick update. Have a great weekend, everyone!Baby Adrianna with her happy parents!

We love our little girl!

I delivered her myself!

I delivered the second half of her body myself! 🙂

7 pounds, 7 ounces

She was more than one pound lighter than her brother-thank goodness!

meeting big brother

Austin was very excited to meet his little sister.  He walked right over to the bed to see her; and he couldn’t stop giving her cute little forehead lots of kisses!

my favorites!

My three favorite people ever!!


Today has been a very happy day! Brittan and I went to the OB this afternoon and everything is going really well with the pregnancy. Baby girl’s heartbeat is strong and she is growing really well.  Also, I’ve progressed to nearly 3 cm and things are moving along!  After doing the examination, Dr. Bruner said “well, we’ll see you next week!”  All I could think was, “I can’t be pregnant for another week!”

I asked him what he thought of induction and he said that I wasn’t a good candidate.  I asked why not, and he said that since I am only 37 weeks, I wasn’t far enough along for an induction.  When I explained that I’ll be 39 weeks on Friday, he said “well, that changes things, doesn’t it?”.  After realizing how far along I am, he agreed that I was a good candidate to get induced.

Since I usually see Dr. Visci, Dr. Bruner asked Dr. Visci what he thought about inducing me this weekend (Dr. Visci is on call on Saturday.) So after getting dressed and ready to go, Dr. Visci came back into re-examine me and see what he thought about induction.  He was pleased with my progress and he decided to induce me at 8 am on Saturday morning.  Originally, I wanted to go naturally and not get induced, but this past week has been SO difficult.   I can barely walk and I’ve been 10x more uncomfortable with this pregnancy than with Austin.

Overall, I am VERY happy to deliver our baby girl this weekend!  Since we are going at 8 am, I’m hoping that she arrives in the afternoon/early evening.  Pray for a quick and safe delivery! 🙂

Since I posted pictures of the baby girl’s nursery, I realized that I needed to post pictures of Austin’s big boy bed!  The transition from his crib to the twin bed has gone pretty well.  He has only gotten out of his bed a few times and he always goes right to bed when we put him down.  He’s such a big boy!
Here’s Austin with his two Backyardigans friends that Brittan got for him, Austin and Pablo.  He won’t go to bed without them.
Our big boy in his new bed!Austin JamesNight-night!

Our big boy in his new bed!

I went back to the OB today and everything looks really good. I’m dilated 2 cm and 50% effaced; I was so happy to hear the progress!! Since I am showing natural signs of being ready for delivery, the doctor said that I could get induced as early as next week. I’d like to go into labor naturally, but at least inducement can be an option if it needs to be.  The baby’s heartbeat was strong, my blood pressure was good, and the doctor said my weight gain is right on track.  Of course, he wouldn’t give me an estimate on a due date, but I got the impression that I shouldn’t expect to go past my due date.

I’m glad that everything is on track and I’m getting very anxious for baby girl Gill’s arrival. We are ready for her!

(Oh, and the doctor said that the test was negative for Group B Strep.)

…literally. I woke up at 12:30 am and I still can’t sleep. The pressure the baby girl is putting on my body is extreme. Honestly, I don’t think that I can physically be pregnant for another 3 weeks! Let’s just hope that she gives me a little break so I can at least sleep a few hours tonight…

Brittan and I arrived at my 1:15 OB appt. at 1 pm today. I figured that MAYBE I could actually spend less than 2 hours at the OB’s office. We got called back at 1:15 and left by 1:45-I couldn’t believe it! I guess Brittan is good luck. 🙂 Anyway, the doctor measured my belly and to see if I had dilated at all. I measured at 38 cm and I’m already 1 cm dilated. I realize that I can be 1-2 cm dilated for a few weeks, but at least I’m 1/10 of the way there!! AND…she is head-down! I have been very preoccupied with the idea of having to get her turned/manipulated so I was very happy to hear that she is now in the correct position. Her heartbeat was also very strong at 155. Oh, and he also tested for Group B Strep, and we should get the results next week.

I’m SO glad that Brittan was able to come to my appointment today and we didn’t have to wait hours until we saw the doctor. It meant a lot to me to have Brittan there during one of my last visits.

This weekend has been very productive at the Gill household. We are still getting ready for our little girl and with every day that passes, I can’t wait for the big day! On Friday night, we had pizza at home and then headed to the mall to buy a double stroller. Since I’ve been nesting, I’ve been looking forward to getting a double stroller. We bought this one:  http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_04988731000P?mv=rr . I originally wanted to buy a more expensive model off of Amazon, but we decided to get this stroller at Sears, since we could actually try it out and see if we liked it.  It was surprisingly easy to maneuver, as I was expecting it to be gigantic and bulky.  It will be very nice to have this stroller with both kids, especially when we go to Cedar Point this summer!  (We got season passes for Christmas.)

On Saturday morning, we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and read books together.  Then Daddy ran some errands while Austin played Wii baseball and I cleaned the house.  By late afternoon, Austin and I were going a little stir-crazy since we hadn’t left the house yet.  At 4:30, we headed to the Sandusky mall so Austin could go to their play area.  The play area is very limited, but it could occupy him for hours.  Thankfully, he is old enough to go up and down the slide by himself, so we can just sit back and watch him have fun.  After going up and down the slide a few dozen times, he ran laps around the play area, saying hi to everyone.  He was such a goofball!  After completely wearing himself out, we walked up and down the mall (I’m trying to gain some strength before the labor and delivery!!).   At one end of the mall, their was a “claw” machine where you try to get stuffed animals out of the machine.  Of course, Brittan noticed that they had Backyardigans stuffed animals (Austin’s FAVORITE show!) in the machine.  Once Austin saw the animals in there, he wanted to hold them.  So Brittan put in a dollar and tried the game….and he somehow pulled TWO animals out in one try: Austin and Pablo.  Austin was so excited when he realized that he got to take the animals home and keep playing with them.  In fact, he didn’t let go of them at all after we got home and he even took them to bed with him.  Brittan made his son VERY happy last night with his new animals.    Check out the picture of my boys:

Daddy and Austin with Backyardigans

Once we got home, I made gorditas for dinner and Austin loved them!  (maybe you have to grow up with that kind of ting, huh?  family joke…)  Anyway, then  Austin got a bath and all 3 of us read books in his room before he went to bed.  Here’s a picture of Austin in his cute robe that Grandma Therese made: Austin brushing his teeth after his bath

We are excited about our baby girl, but we enjoying our last few weeks as a family of 3.  Austin has been such a good boy and we couldn’t be happier or luckier.  In fact, he was probably the best he’s ever been at mass today.  He played with Austin and Pablo and flipped through the church books.  It is nice to actually enjoy mass without worrying about keeping your child quiet!  (Although Fr. Phil told us before mass that Austin can make all the noise he wants! haha)

Tonight, we are going to the Elks for their Superbowl party.  Although we’re always the youngest people by about 20 years, we still always have a good time.  Brandon and Kelly are going, too, so it will be a fun night.  Austin is going over to Grandma and Grandpa Gill’s house, so I’m sure that he’ll have fun, too!