June 2009

On Monday, June 22, Adrianna had her 4 month check-up at the Peds. Her appointment was at 4 pm, so Brittan was able to come with me to the appointment and watch Austin while I was with Adrianna. Here are her 4 month stats:

Weight: 14 pounds, 11 ounces (75th percentile)
Height: 24.5 inches (50th percentile)
Head circumference: 42 cm (75th percentile)

Dr. Wiseman said that Adri looks really good and is growing right on track. He said that we can now start her on single grain rice cereal and then fruits and vegetables. I can’t believe that it’s already time for her to use a spoon. She’s growing up too quickly.

She is much more aware of her surroundings now and can track things really well. She is always paying attention to what’s going on and who’s in the room. She especially loves her daddy and loves giggling with him. She’s definitely daddy’s little girl! She is also taking really good naps and sleeping really well at night. She sleeps from about 8/9 pm to 6/7 am. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a better baby! The only times she fusses is if she is hungry, tired or wet. With such few options, it is easy to figure out what she needs! She still hasn’t rolled over yet, but she is getting really close. We are absolutely in love with Adrianna Charlotte!


I have nearly fallen off the blogosphere, but for good reason. I have just been loving on my two children. Sometimes I just need to step back and enjoy this time. Since Austin is already two, I know all too well that time goes too quickly when you are a parent. Here are some of the reasons that I love my children so much. I love:

* the way Adri squeaks and curls her toes when she is so hungry that she can’t stand it and then finally gets a bottle to satisfy her hunger
* the way Austin says please and thank you without being prompted (guess all that drilling manners into him really worked!)
*the way she giggles uncontrollably when she sees herself in the mirror-she must know that she’s cute!
*the mischievous smile he gives when he knows that he is being sneaky (and I can’t resist but smile myself)
*how her eyes roll around (“crazy eyes”) when she is so tired and finally gets her binky or bottle to calm her down
*the smile he gets when he learns something new and can apply it in real life (especially numbers and words)
*how squishy and cute and kissable their cheeks are
*the way she smiles whenever she hears her daddy’s voice
*the way he says “Where’d Daddy go?” as soon as Brit leaves the room (and every 5 minutes after that)
*the way her nose wrinkles when she has a really big yawn
*the way he knows every song and number all of his CDs (“I want #14, Dorothy, mommy!”)
*the way Adri leans her head and arches her back when she laughs so hard that it barely makes a sound
*the way he uses a high pitched voice to tell Adri “tickle, tickle, sister!”

I’m sure that I will keep adding to this list, as these are just some of the small details that I love about being their mommy.

Yes, we’re all alive and well. I just haven’t had time to update the blog since we’ve been so busy. Two weeks ago, I was super busy at work and was working odd (and extended) hours, so I was too exhausted to post by the time I got home. Last week, Brittan was gone in Minnesota all week for a business trip. It was definitely a challenge to get two young kids changed, dressed, fed and out the door by 7 am every morning to get to day care and work on time. Miraculously, I was actually able to get to work at least 15-30 minutes early every day while Brittan was gone. I found that the trick was to get everything ready the night before: clothes, bibs, bottles, check, lunch, etc… I pulled it off while Brittan was gone, but I am VERY happy to have him back this week to help out!

We’ve also been busy with our trips to Cedar Point. It has really been great to have season passes so we can go anytime that we want. Since the kids only last a few hours there, it is perfect to come and go as often as we like. I can’t wait until it’s warmer outside and we can take Austin to Soak city!

I will try to post more updated pictures soon, as Adrianna is looking different (and cuter) every day!