August 2009

Adrianna had her 6 month check last Thursday, August 27th.  When I scheduled the appointment, I wasn’t thinking that Brittan had golf league on Thursday and I had to handle the kids by myself for the second half of the appointment. Thankfully for the first half, though, Brittan was able to keep an eye on Austin while I played with Adrianna.  With my luck, we were scheduled for the day when there was only one doctor so we had to wait forever. (Of course it happened the day that we were in a hurry b/c Brittan had to leave, but I digress…)

We got back to the exam room and the nurse weighed and measured Adrianna. Here are her stats:

Weight:  18 pounds, 13 ounces (75th percentile—our big baby girl!)
Height: 26 3/4 inches (50th percentile)
Head circumference: 44 cm

Clothes: 6-9 months
Shoes: newborn! (someday she will fit in normal sized shoes…)
Hair: none–lol

She also got 4 shots—3 regular immunizations and 1 flu shot.  Dr. Vacca said that the swine flu shot may be available in the next month or two and she would suggest that Adrianna receive it.  Just another shot to add to the list (she has to get the second half of the flu shot this fall and more shots at 9 months).  Brittan had to leave by the time the nurse did the shots, so I had to hold Adrianna’s legs down while trying to keep Austin from running out the exam room. Thankfully Austin was content being in the room for about 90% of the time, but he kept wanting to escape when Adrianna was crying b/c of her shots.  Oh well, we survived. 🙂  Two days after Adrianna’s appointment, her left leg started to form a knot where the shots were. She got two shots in each leg, but for some reason, the left leg reacted differently.  On Friday night, we should have known that something was up when Adri fell asleep at 5:30 am until 6:15 pm. She was EXHAUSTED and still sore from her shot.

Dr. Vacca said that Adrianna is developing very well and is looking great. She asked all of the common questions (what does Adri eat? how is she sleeping? how is her hand-eye coordination?) and was happy with all of Adrianna’s progress:

Adrianna has been eating baby food and oatmeal like a champ! We started her on rice cereal at 3.5-4 months and oatmeal and baby food at 5-6 months. She didn’t like the rice cereal very much, but she does really well with the oatmeal and baby food.  The veggies are definitely her favorite, though.  Adrianna loves mixed vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans and peas the best. We struggle to get her to eat an entire jar of fruit, but she’ll gobble up every bite of vegetables that we offer her.  Most of the time we can’t even spoon it out fast enough for her and she makes the cutest little noises until we feed her more.  She usually has a bottle in the morning when she first wakes up and then oatmeal for breakfast at day care.  She usually has a fruit and vegetable for lunch at day care and fruit and vegetable for dinner at home with us. Of course we has bottles in between, but those are her main meals for right now.

Adrianna has been an awesome sleeper for us and we are VERY grateful! 🙂  She sleeps from about 7-7:30 pm until 6 am. Literally, she wakes up every  morning at 6 am exactly….I guess it saves us from setting our alarm for the morning! She doesn’t like to be rocked to sleep like Austin did; she likes to put herself to sleep in the crib. It’s wonderful that she is able to put herself to sleep (she would have to do it eventually anyway), but it’s like she is already moving out the “baby baby” stage. I’m not ready for my baby girl to grow up yet!

As calm as she is at night, she is a mover and shaker during the day!  She has been grabbing things a lot more and it is so fun to see her actually play with her toys instead of just staring at them.  She is rolling over both ways, but still prefers to roll from her back to her stomach. She likes to be on her stomach and prop herself up to see what’s going on. 🙂 She loves playing in her ExerSaucer for about 15-20 minutes, but then she is ready to get out and move her legs some more. Adrianna has been sitting up so  much better  now, too. It is easier to play with her toys that way, too. (Adri is getting better at transferring toys between hands)  She can sit for about 5 minutes, but then she gets tired and decides to topple over. 🙂  Sometimes she giggles when she falls over, and other times she is a diva and wants to be picked up and comforted. She’s also starting to bear weight while standing; it’s so cute to see her chunky little legs at work! When she is excited though, she likes to wiggle her little toes around (like her Grandpa Brad-lol)

She is also been very vocal lately. She started saying da-da a while ago and she thinks it is so funny. She mostly likes to screech and make high-pitched noises and it is so stinkin’ cute. I love her little belly laugh!  I just can’t wait until she says “ma-ma”.

Well, those are the updates about our sweet princess. I guess the next big milestone is crawling and that will definitely change our lives once more. We’ll have to babyproof our house again! Sorry for the lengthy post, but I want to document everything! 🙂


Today, Adrianna wore the same outfit that I wore for my 6 month pictures. We don’t have a scanner, but I will see if I can scan the picture of me and compare it to the pics of Adrianna. Here is our 6 month old sweetheart:


sitting by herself!

sitting by herself!

bearing weight...

bearing weight...

Happy 6 month birthday, Adrianna! It’s crazy to think that after today you will be closer to your 1 year birthday than to your actual birthday. You have been such a wonderful blessing and sweet addition to our family. We love you more than words can describe and your adorable smile makes our hearts melt every time! Thank you for being such a beautiful angel!

Brittan and I both took the day off today and took the kids to The Toledo Zoo. Then we took them to Osborne Park today. Here are some pictures from today:

smirky baby

smirky baby



chunky legs

chunky legs


i love that smile!

i love that smile!



innocent adri

innocent adri



Austin is the king of goofy faces and this video just highlights a few of them. Sidenote: When Brittan says “Do you like bread?” etc.. It is from Austin’s favorite book, Snow. We quote this book a lot at our house. We usually edit the lines to whatever we are eating for dinner! 🙂 Check out our goofy boy!

What a difference a month makes! Here is Adrianna at 4 months:

Here is a video of Adrianna saying “da-da”. She has been saying it for a few weeks, but I finally caught it on video!

On June 28, Adrianna had her first “food”, rice cereal. She did a pretty good job and some of it actually made it into her mouth!

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