January 2010

Yes!  Adrianna FINALLY has enough hair for a bow to (barely) stay!

Look at that tooth!! (She is up to 4 now!)


This video is way too dark, but it was too cute to not post. Plus, Austin wanted to thank Megan and tell her that the slippers are “cool” and “fun”.  🙂

When Austin was a baby, Megan McD. bought these ADORABLE moose slippers for him. They were too big when he received them, but they fit now!  Megan lives in Alaska, so these slippers were a very appropriate gift.  Thanks again, Megan!


Here is a picture of Austin wearing the moose pajamas in Dec. 2007:

One of Austin’s favorite things lately is to create mii characters.  I asked him who he was making the other day and he said “That’s Jacki, mommy. Jacki short.”

Do you think this looks like his Aunt Jacki? 🙂

Brittan had to work this morning, so it was just me and the kids at home on a Saturday morning.  While Adrianna went down for a nap, Austin and I watched Polar Express, drank hot chocolate (with star marshmallows) and ate flavored popcorn.

Here is Austin enjoying hot chocolate in his “Austin” mug.  (Ignore the remnants of “Cinnamon Roll Saturday” on his pajamas! haha)

We tried to watch the 3D version of the movie, but Austin wasn’t a fan of the glasses that we had to wear.  Can you tell how pleased he was by this picture? hahaha

This past weekend, we visited my parents and Caitlin for a couple days.  It was nice to see Caitlin before she goes back to college and to spend time with my parents without any holiday parties to worry about.   Also, Adrianna mastered the step between the living room and the kitchen.  Now she is unstoppable!

Here’s a picture of Adrianna and her godmother, Caitlin:

This is what dinner time looks like at the Gill house…

Adrianna’s favorite new song:

Austin insisted on making an “Austin movie”

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