February 2010

Adrianna had her well baby doctor’s appointment last week and she checked out very well! She is a healthy 22 pounds, .5 ounce (75%) and 29 1/2 inches tall. Dr. Dutko was very pleased with her progress and he couldn’t believe her speech progress. When he walked in the door, Adrianna said “hi!” and when he handed a tongue depressor to her, she said “thank you!”. He kept saying “I can’t believe that she was so polite!” LOL

Adrianna has been such a funny girl lately. She knows when she’s being a stinker and she has the cutest little laugh to let us know that she is doing something wrong. It’s kind of like “I’m so cute and I can laugh and get away with anything!” (and she does) 🙂

Fun facts:

  • She always points with her middle finger. Never her index finger….she’s always flippin’ the bird!
  • If you say “go girl, go girl” she will bob her head from side to side and dance. Our little diva.
  • She loves climbing up the stairs, but she hasn’t figured out how to get down without falling.
  • She will eat pretty much anything and everything.
  • Adrianna has the most beautiful eyes and longest eyelashes we have ever seen!
  • She isn’t walking yet, but she is cruising along furniture and can crawl faster than you can imagine.
  • She loves yelling “Daddy!” when he gets home from work and rushing to the door to see him.
  • She loves following her brother to see whatever he is doing (and to try to take it away)
  • We still love how her little nose crunches up when she smiles and is super happy.
  • She has been officially off the bottle for a week and off of her pacifier for about a month. Yay!
  • Whenever she crawls, she almost always has something in both hands. If she has something in her left hand, she has to have something in her right hand (OCD much?). She usually has a baby doll in one hand and her Webkinz puppy from her godmother/Aunt Caitlin in the other hand.
  • She LOVES getting her legs rubbed/scratched. If she is ever fussy or hurt, if you just scratch her legs, she will calm down. In fact, if you aren’t hitting the right spot, she will point exactly where she wants it scratched. Also, if the spot she wants scratched is under her pants, she will lift up her pants just high enough and point to the right spot. So demanding! 🙂
  • She likes to wave bye-bye and hi whenever possible. Most the time, she looks at her hand while it’s waving and waves to herself. 🙂
  • Her new favorite game is peek-a-boo (or “peaky-boo” as Austin calls it). She will hide under a blanket, behind the couch, around the corner, etc…and wait until we ask where she went. Then she’ll poke her little head out and start cracking up.

We are so lucky to have such a healthy, beautiful baby girl!


Our baby girl is growing up!  Adrianna, your daddy and I never could have imagined how lucky we could be to have such an awesome daughter. You are the sunshine in our lives and we are so happy that you are a part of our family. We love you so much!

We celebrated her birthday today with a party at Jerry and Vicki’s house. Thank you to everyone who came!

The day care is closed today because of the snowy weather. So I took a vacation day and I get to hang out with the kids all day!  As hard as it is to stay inside all day, days like today that make me wish that I could spend more time with them instead of work a – job. Here are some of the fun, cute things that I miss:

Adrianna has recently expanded her vocabulary a little more. She now says her versions of: hi, good girl, yucky, hi da da, mama and no.  She also knows what is right and wrong and will laugh at you if you tell her no.  She gets the most mischievous little smile and crawls away as fast as she can. Couple other baby book worthy notations: She is now off the pacifier.  She had a double ear infection and hasn’t wanted to suck much lately anyway.  She has been off the binky for a few weeks and it’s nice to have one less vice, even if it means that our baby girl is growing up!  She can also climb stairs, stand while holding onto something and cruise along furniture. She also likes to clap when she’s happy or to celebrate when Austin goes potty. haha I LOVE our happy baby! 🙂

Austin has been such a good boy today, too!  At lunch, I told Austin there are four things we needed to do after he was done eating—  1: go potty 2: take medicine 3:read a book 4: take a nap.  Then he said “No, mommy.  We have six things to do.  5: kisses and 6: hugs”  What mommy doesn’t love to hear that?? Austin, as always, is still into saying every letter, number, shape and color that he sees.  His favorite book lately is his “Numbers Book”.  He has the entire book memorized; my favorite page is 2 skunks because Austin says “2 hunks” LOL.  He especially likes the pages at the end that have simple math. (ie: 1  mask + 2 masks=3 masks. Austin’s version: 1 mask “pluh-th” 2 masks, “ee-kuhls” 3 masks” I really need to take a video; it’s SO CUTE!

This past weekend, Brittan and I were supposed to go to Cincinnati to visit the Thompsons and Carrie, but it snowed too much on Friday for us to travel.  So we made the most of it and enjoyed the snow on Saturday with Austin (Adrianna was taking a much-needed nap).  Surprisingly, Austin didn’t complain once about being cold and he LOVED playing outside with daddy! They had fun ganging up on mommy and throwing snowballs at me. 🙂  And of course, after all the fun outside, we came back inside and made hot chocolate with marshmallows.

he especially liked to kick the snow in his boots!

Well, I guess I didn’t knock on wood hard enough.  Just a couple weeks ago, I commented to Brittan that Adrianna had never been to the doctor for a sick visit.  So of course today, day care called and said Adrianna had a temp of 101.6 and needed to be picked up.  She hadn’t been acting like herself lately and has had a runny nose for weeks. At first, I attributed the snotty nose to teething, but Adrianna’s hasn’t cut any teeth in a couple weeks, so I figured something else was going on.  So I picked up both kids about lunch time and brought them home to take a nap.  I called the Peds and we set-up an appointment for this afternoon.  Sure enough, Adriannna has a double ear infection! At least we know what the problem is and now she just needs to wait until the antibiotic kicks in and she should be feeling better soon.  We almost made it to her first birthday without any sick doctor visits. Good job, baby girl, and feel better soon! 🙂

( Note: Adrianna weighed 22 lbs, 4.5 ounces with clothes and shoes on.)