April 2010

Next month, my mom, dad and little sister Caitlin will be participating in the Path to Progress 5k walk/run in Chicago to increase brain tumor awareness.  As most of you know, Caitlin was diagnosed with pilocytic astrocytoma (a type of brain tumor) in February 2008.  She had brain surgery and we are blessed that she is doing very well and is a sophomore in college now and will be studying in Perth, Australia next semester!

We are participating in the Path to Progress in honor of Caitlin and to support the cause.  If you can help at all, please click the link below. Every dollar counts!! Thank you!




Brayden, Nolan and Austin (born within 7 months!)

Brandon and Kelly welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Brylie Elizabeth, on Thursday, April 8 at 4:44 pm.  She weighed in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces and measured at 21 inches. We are so happy that our niece is finally here and healthy!

23 hours old

The wii was a hit!

Jessy: Due in May with #6 and Kelly due on Thursday with #3! 🙂

blurry, but still cute!

The kids woke up early on Easter morning and started looking for eggs right away. Austin was definitely into it, and Adrianna looked sporadically, but mostly waited for Austin to bring the eggs to her and then she’d eat the candy right away! 🙂

Post-hunt breakfast

Austin with his beloved Gilly

After coming home from the zoo, we wanted to dye Easter eggs with the kids.  This made for an interesting evening since they barely had any nap during the day. Either way, they did pretty well and dyed about a dozen eggs.

some of the eggs

The Saturday before Easter, we headed to the Toledo Zoo with my parents. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the kids were glad to be outside enjoying the sunshine. Austin liked running from one exhibit to the other….maybe a little bit too much. He took quite the tumble after the monkey exhibit and his knee and elbow wouldn’t stop bleeding. Of course we were as far away from the first aid tent as possible, so we used wipes as a makeshift bandaid and headed to the first aid tent.  Thank goodness for colored band-aids to stop the crying. 🙂

After we looked all over the zoo, we headed back to the vans and had a tailgate lunch and my parents gave the kids their Easter baskets.  It was a fun day trip to Toledo and I’m glad that we got to see my parents over the Easter weekend!

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