May 2010

Tuesday night after work, Austin was being a good boy, so I decided to take him to Cedar Point for a few hours. He loves going to Cedar Point and to run to each kiddie ride.  He’s better at getting in and out of the rides so he feels like such a big boy being more independent.

I LOVE spending one on one time with my favorite 3 year old!

After playing hard, he wanted to take a quick break and catch some TV.  Only Austin would find a cartoon to watch while at CP!


On Monday, Brittan met the kids and I at the peds office for Austin’s well-care check-up.  Both kids were really good and Dr. Vacca was happy with Austin’s progress.  Here are his physical stats:

Height: 36 3/4 inches (50%)
Weight: 33 pounds   (60%)

Developmental stats/random info:

—He always needs to know where we are going.  If I go a different route home from school, he always asks “Where are we going? Why are we going there? What way do we need to turn?”  He likes to know if we are going to turn right, left or go straight.  He could tell me the entire route home from daycare!

—He is the world’s biggest procrastinator! Every morning he insists “I HAVE to watch the rest of this show. I HAVE to finish this game.  I’m SO thirsty and need a drink!”  He will find anyway to avoid the inevitable trip to school.

—Austin is a major creature of habit. If he does something once, it is the new routine. He needs to be prepared for any changes the routine by getting warnings before moving onto something new. “Austin, 5 minutes until we need to leave.”

—He likes to know what time it is (even if it really means nothing to him!) In the mornings, we used to tell him to not wake up until at least 7 o’clock. Unfortunately, he thought it was 7 o’clock anytime there was a 7 in the time!  So if it was 5:17 am, he thought it was 7 am!  He is definitely still an early riser (usually wakes between 6:15-6:30 am)

—He still loves to play the Wii.  Sadly, he is probably better than most adults!  He gets a lot of practice because he plays Wii while Brittan and I get ready in the morning.   He likes Super Mario Brothers, Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games, Wii Music and Wii Sports.

—He loves to “read”.  He’s become very good at memorizing words and spelling.  Some words he can spell: mom, dad, sis, Austin, Gill, mommy, daddy, Brit, Jill…  He also recognizes/”reads” lots of other words: Adrianna, sister, James, school, collection, friend, living room, kitchen, clean, window…

–Austin has become quite the Daddy’s boy. He LOVES spending time with Brittan and is always happiest around his daddy.  I’m so glad that they already have such a special bond.

—Now that he is 3 years old, everything has to be done in 3’s.  His sandwich needs to be broken into three sections, he needs three kisses and three hugs, three drinks out of his cup….

—He has been completely potty trained since late Jan/early Feb and we are SO grateful for that!  It’s easier on the wallet and Austin is glad that he is a “big boy” now.

—His favorite food is still hamburgers and fries.  If he had a choice, he would eat it for every meal!  His favorite fruit is apples, favorite vegetable is cucumbers and his drink of choice is still milk.

–Austin  is a very loving child.  He loves giving kisses and helping out with Adrianna.  If she is ever crying, he will give her a hug or tell her “it’s okay, sister!”

He is such a great big brother and we are so glad that he is part of our family! 🙂

Last weekend, we went to Holland, MI for the Tulip Time Festival.  I grew up going to the parades every year and enjoying all the Dutch traditions. I’m so glad that Austin and Adrianna have been able to experience the same fun things that I did as a kid.  They both loved dutch dancing with Caitlin’s group!

On Mother’s Day 2010, we went with the Ruthsatz family to TGIFriday’s and had a great time!

I am so grateful for such awesome children and family!

Austin refused to slow down (from running around and having fun with his cousins) to get a picture with  me on Mother’s Day. So here are a few pictures the day after when I was putting him to bed:

More pictures from Mother’s Day:

On April 17, Adrianna got her first haircut!  The front wasn’t too bad; it just needed to be straightened out a little bit.  The back of her hair was becoming a mullet, though, and needed to be fixed! 🙂

On April 14th, Adrianna decided that she wanted to finally walk!  She had been taking a walk or two here or there, but all of a sudden she walked across the room. She is now walking 99% of the time and she no longer looks like a baby. We are so proud of her. 🙂

Our little man turned three last week!  We couldn’t be happier to call him our son and he is such a joy (and a challenge at times! lol).  We love you so much, buddy!  Here is a video of us singing happy birthday to him at Grandma Therese and Grandpa Brad’s house:

Mandatory early morning birthday shot:

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