June 2010

Austin is such a sweet boy!  Although he definitely has his rough spots and tough moments, he is such a sweetheart and likes to keep people happy.  A few examples:

—When I was putting Adrianna to bed tonight, he said “mommy, I want to put sissy night-night.”  So I put Adrianna in her crib, and Austin tickled her back while he sang “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”.  When he went to leave room, he looked over his shoulder and said “now you go night-night, sis! Love you!”  It was quite possibly the cutest thing ever and made my heart melt!

—His newest “thing” is asking if we are his friends.  If we discipline him for saying something mean, he says, “I’m sorry, Mommy. Are you my friend?”

—He LOVES giving mommy, daddy and Adrianna kisses.  Austin likes to give Adri hugs and kisses if she gets hurt or is upset. 🙂

—His favorite combination of players to use on the Wii is our immediate family.  He says “Look, it’s our family! I love our family!”

—A few weeks ago, Austin hit Brittan and he sat in timeout afterward.  Ever since then, nearly every day he’ll say “I’m sorry I hit you Daddy.” And then he gives Brittan a hug and kiss.

We are so lucky to have such a sweet boy!


We watched the Memorial Day Parade on a HOT, very humid day a couple weeks ago.  The kids had fun once the parade arrived, but the weather became almost unbearable in the mean time (we ended up going to Soak City twice that weekend!)  Notice Adrianna’s TWO pony tails. Her hair isn’t quite long enough for an entire pony tail and it was too hot to leave her hair down.  What do you think of  the new look? 😉

Sissy wasn’t so sure about the sour sucker:

Tonight we took the kids to Cedar Point for a few hours and they had a blast!  Austin knows all the rides he wants to get on (and he’ll let you know every one!) and Adrianna is just along for the ride. She likes to do everything that Austin does.  Enjoy the pictures!

my favorite boys!

my favorite girl and me