August 2010

Today was Austin’s first day of preschool! He’s been in the preschool room since around his 3 year birthday, but this week is the official start of the school year.

Mandatory 1st day of school morning picture:

Eating breakfast #1 on the way to school:

To compare, here is his picture from the first day of daycare at 9 weeks old:

Then tonight was the open house/meet the teacher night. Here is Austin with his cubby bear teacher, Ms. Kelly:

Austin had a great day and was a big boy tonight, so we took him and Adrianna to dinner and let them go wild at the play area.


We had an awesome family day today!

First, we went to lunch at the Water Street Bar and Grille downtown with our family, my parents, and Ralph and Eileen.  The kids were a bit antsy during lunch (we were there during their nap time), but we enjoyed some good food and good company.

Our Gill Family

Then we went home, the kids took a nap, and then we headed to Soak City since it was nearly 90 degrees all day:

Austin always likes being the leader 🙂

Austin's favorite slide. Can't you tell by the excited look on his face?!

Then we came home to relax and Austin proceeded to bring nearly every book from his room for Brittan to read to him. He is the best daddy! (Roth girls: notice the Jai Ho ribbons Adrianna is wearing!)

super blurry, but wanted to show how HAPPY her daddy makes her!!

After story time with Daddy, we decided to throw an impromptu dance party at home!  The kids  particularly enjoyed “Single Ladies” and “California Gurls”! I will try to post videos later, but they still don’t do justice to how much fun we had.

The kids worked up an appetite from the dance party, so we loaded up the wagon and walked down to Golly Gee. We usually just share an orange Golly Juicer (vanilla ice cream and orange slush mix), but Austin insisted that he wanted a popsicle.  So he decided on a firecracker and he was such a good brother and shared it with Adrianna. Adri is such a lucky girl to have such an awesome big brother!

When he wasn’t feeding her fast enough, she just helped herself.

Then we walked back home, had bath time, story time #2 and bed time! The kids were exhausted from a fun day!!

Sometimes as a parent, we need to stop worrying about schedules, nap times, nutritional value or timing. You just need to live in the moment and enjoy every step along the way!! We love our kids more than we ever thought possible!

Last weekend, we went to Pittsburgh with some friends and had a great time!

Saturday night we went to the Pirates vs. Mets MLB game.  It poured rain for the majority of the game and it actually ended up being canceled.  We still got some great food and had fun!

This morning, Brittan was golfing in the Elks golf scramble and my dad was golfing at the CIC, so my mom, the kids and I decided to go to some garage sales. We were at some sales at the Plumbrook Estates, so we decided to see if Grandma Eileen and Ralph were home. We were glad to visit for a little bit and enjoy some yummy zucchini bread! Thanks for having us over, Grandma and Ralph!

The kids LOVED Ralph’s Jelly Belly machine! Austin even fed them to Adrianna since she couldn’t turn the knob herself. What sibling love. 😉

They also loved the “chase each other to the opposite end of the condo” game!

The last weekend in July, we headed back to Kelleys Island again. This time, we brought the kids and we all had a great time!! We played lots of putt-putt, ate lots of ice cream, roasted marshmallows, went to the beach, drove around on the golf cart, played lots of corn hole, golf, bubbles and lots of other outdoor games. The weather was awesome (except it was a little cloudy on Saturday afternoon).

Unfortunately, Adrianna and I both got sick on the trip. Adrianna had roseola, which was basically  just a rash all over her body and a low-grade temp. She wasn’t quite herself, but she still had fun!

We all love Kelleys!

While at Kelleys this year, we went fishing on Grandpa Ruthsatz’s neighbor’s property.  Adrianna stayed back at the house since she was sick, and Brylie stayed home to nap.  The boys had an absolute blast and there will definitely be another fishing trip in their future!  There were lots of fish in the pond (nothing big enough to keep), but the boys loved that almost as soon as they put the line in the water, the fish were biting!

Our princess is 1 1/2 already!! She has been with us twice as long as  I was pregnant with her. That’s just craziness! 🙂

Her doctor appointment was yesterday and Dr. Dutko is very pleased with her growth. I explained how she has gone potty (several times!) and he said not to push the issue. I let him know that Adrianna is the one who wants to go potty and I never ask her to go. She’s just very interested in whatever Austin does.

Her vocabulary has also increased steadily in the last few months.  She is able to put words together for more complex sentences and it’s fun to hear! She also cracks us up all the time; she’s such a little comedienne! She’s determined, opinionated and passionate in whatever she does. She makes me laugh every morning when we are on the way to school.  She knows exactly when the DVD player starts and she’ll scream “Hit play!”. Oh, how I love her sweet, little, demanding voice!

Here are her stats:

Weight: 24 lbs, 12 ounces

Height: 32 1/4 inches

Head circumference: 47.5 cm

By comparison, here are Austin‘s stats from 18 months:

Weight: 28 lbs, 6.5 ounces

Height: 32 1/2 inches

Head circumference: 46.5 cm

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