September 2010

Yesterday, September 25, we headed to the Erie County Fairgrounds for Oktoberfest 2010.  We got there around 3:30 pm and the weather was beautiful: a little breezy, but sunny and clear.  Then we headed to mass at 4 pm inside and when we came back out, it was like a wind storm! Both of the kids preferred the outside “Bouncy Game” better than the inside carnival-style games, but it was so cold outside! After the inside games, we ate some German food (brats, sauerkraut, german potato salad) and American food (nachos, hot dog and burger) and tried to prevent all of it from blowing away! Then we went back to the outdoor blow-up games and let the kids burn off some energy. 🙂 We left about 7:30 with two exhausted kids!


On the last day of our trip, we headed to the Cincinnati Zoo (another perk of being a member of the Toledo Zoo-we got in for 1/2 price!) The kids love the Toledo Zoo, but it was nice to go to another zoo to see different animals and have a change of pace. Adrianna was exhausted from a full weekend (and the hot weather) so she pretty much relaxed in the stroller while Austin ran about 2832 miles a minute from exhibit to exhibit!

The next day, we drove down to Mason to visit the Thompsons.  We all made the trip to King’s Island to enjoy the rides (and it was free with our Cedar Point Platinum passes!) 🙂  It was SO hot again that day and there was pretty much no escape from the sun. Austin found a ride that was elevated, but that wasn’t a rollercoaster and he just HAD to ride! In fact, he waited in line for about 45 minutes, and I can’t believe he was that determined to ride! While Austin was waiting in line with B, Adrianna, Justin, Shan and I got some blue ice cream and a strawberry slushie. Adrianna basically wore half of the slushie, but she was just happy that it was cooling her off!  We ended up leaving earlier than we wanted to, but both kids were burnt out from all the fun the day before and were just too hot!

We headed back to the Thompson’s house so the kids could nap, and we got some La Rosa’s delivered again. 🙂 The Thompsons stayed a while longer and we met back up around dinner time. Carrie came over to meet us and we all ordered Montgomery Inn for dinner. They have the BEST bbq (in fact, Montgomery Inn was Brittan’s only request all weekend!)

After dinner, the kids had an early bedtime and the adults had a great time!  We played Rock Band and DDR (a first time for Brittan and me). Even though the kids had a little bit of an off day, they still had so much fun! I love when they get to hang out with my friends, too. 🙂

On August 13, Brittan and I took a vacation day to spend a family weekend in Southern Ohio.  We left Friday morning and got into Beavercreek about lunchtime.  We headed to Skyline Chili with Carrie and loved the So-Oh food. Then we headed to the Boonshoft Children’s Museum in Dayton and the kids had so much fun!  Austin loved running from exhibit to exhibit and even made his daddy crawl up the cargo net to the second floor.  Adrianna’s favorite part was the “store”. She could pick out food from the shelves, put it in the cart, check out at the cash register, and bring the food “home” to the tables nearby.  There was also a pizzeria where she could create her own pizza.  The museum was probably one of their favorite parts of the weekend.  The best part for mommy and daddy was that it was free with our Toledo Zoo membership!

After the museum, we headed back to Carrie’s parents house (thanks, Tony and Cindy!) so Adrianna could nap and Austin could have some quiet time.  Then we headed into Dayton for a Dayton Dragons minor league baseball game with Carrie.  As a blessing in disguise, we were running late to the game. When we got there, a man asked if we had tickets for the game. At first, we thought he was scalping them, but his friends ended up not being able to make it, so he was giving them away for free! The tickets aren’t that expensive, but it was a nice surprise to get free tickets! Actually, they were really good seats right along the visitors’ dugout. We were right in the action, but the kids still only lasted about 5 innings. It was ridiculously hot and humid all weekend and it was hard to keep the kids contained on our laps for hours. Thank goodness for the inflatable slides and air conditioned gift shops to keep the kids occupied, too! (Thanks for the Dragons hat for Austin, Carrie! He loves wearing his “hat with the dragon tail”!)

After the game, we put the kids to bed and B and I had a chance to catch up with Carrie.  We ordered La Rosa’s pizza and enjoyed more So-Oh food!

On August 19th, Jacki flew up North Carolina to go to the Hanson show with me at the House of Blues.  To read Jacki’s version of the story (much better than I can write), go to

Here are some of the pictures from our 24 hours of jam-packed fun in CLE:

On August 7th, we were able to make it to the Beverick Cornhole Party at my uncle Ron’s house. The weather was perfect (this entire summer was hot, hot hot!) and we ate lots of great food and cool treats.

Here is what Austin, Cole and Conner for at least an hour:

Adrianna was relaxing in the wagon, eating fruit snacks…and saving some on her tooth for later!

On September 12, we headed down to the members appreciation party at the Elks Lodge.  They were supposed to have kids’ games, but we were disappointed that there were no games there. Instead, we ate some lunch and let the kids run around the ball room. There’s nothing better than letting the kids burn off energy while entertaining each other!

Adrianna loved the corn on the cob! She even invented a new way of eating it….no need to pick it up!

Then we headed to Golly Gee (ice cream seems to be the theme this summer!) that night for more family time. Austin rode his trike the entire way there, and built up quite the appetite! Adrianna rode in the stroller and jabbered the whole way there.

Adrianna wanted to ride the tricycle, too!

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