November 2010

During Halloween weekend, my dad and Brittan went to Happy Valley to go to the UM vs. PSU game. My mom stayed with the kids and I and we carved pumpkins on Saturday night. Austin claimed that it was “disgusting” and wouldn’t touch the inside of the pumpkin without the scooper. I have a video of him saying “that’s disgusting and sticky!” that I will definitely need to be post. 🙂

Adrianna wasn’t afraid to dig in, but was frustrated while trying to get the seeds out by hand. So she just dumped the pumpkin upside down and it actually worked better than scooping them out. She’s so silly and cute. 🙂


Isn't Austin the friendliest Frankenstein? 🙂

The kids had fun with their Gill cousins at the Elks Halloween Party. They had a few activities for the kids and some fun Halloween treats. Adrianna liked coloring the best (which is her FAVORITE activity right now. She is constantly coloring, even if it’s not on the appropriate paper! Also, check out how blonde her hair is in the second picture of her coloring!) Austin enjoyed the games but wasn’t feeling very well, so he laid down for a little bit before we headed home.




On October 24, we went to Cedar Point’s Halloweekends with Grandma Vicki. Since she and Jerry bought our family’s platinum passes for Christmas (thanks mom and dad!), Cedar Point was running a special where you get a free visit at this year’s Halloweekends. The kids had a great time running from one ride to the other and showing Grandma all of their favorite things at Cedar Point. (We also ran into a family whose kids also go to Playland, Conor and Cayden.)

We were only there a couple hours, but it was got dark very fast and it started pouring out of nowhere! Thankfully we brought the double stroller, which has two rain shields/covers, so both kids were dry but we were soaked to the bone!  Regardless of the poor weather at the end of the night, the kids had a great time and we were so glad that Vicki came with us!

Who said that they are allowed to grow up so fast?!

Austin - 2007



Austin- 2010



We went back to Downing’s again this year to pick out our pumpkins. They wanted to look at the pumpkins for about 2 minutes, and then they decided that chasing each other around the barn would be more fun. They had a great time!

On October 16, we drove up to Michigan and the Drenkows were in town as well. While the guys went to the UM vs. IA game (heartbreaker!), all of the ladies (along with Austin and Brennan) went to Dominoe’s Petting Farm near my parents’ house.  It was a gorgeous, crisp fall day and I’m so glad that all four kids were able to play together!

It was fun to see each of their different personalities on the short trip to the farm.  Adrianna was all about getting right up to the animals and feeding any animal she could find. She had no fear and especially loved the goats that would stick their heads right through the fence and eat the carrots out of her hand. She would run from one animal to the next, pointing to each one. She was definitely in heaven!

On the other hand, Austin took a while to warm up the animals and mostly liked the smaller, more manageable animals like the rabbits. As a typical first born, he always likes to feel like he is in control and he wasn’t sure what those big goats were capable of! 🙂
Everyone had a great time and after the farm, we picked up some popsicles and ate them while watching The Lion King. It was a fun daybut short-lived. We hope to visit with the Drenkows again soon!

On 10/10/10, we decided to go apple picking at an orchard in Clyde.  Unfortunately, they only have kids’ games one weekend a year and it wasn’t the weekend that we went. At least we had a beautiful, sunny day (nearly 80 degrees) to enjoy as a family!

Austin enjoyed picking apples, taking one bite, throwing them back on the ground, and picking another one. Adrianna’s technique was to pick an apple, take a bite, and put it in the bag of picked apples. I guess we will work on better technique next year. 🙂