December 2010

The other day, Austin got Smarties after reading the “Christmas Day is almost here…” poem.  He was playing with the candies and said “Mom, look, it’s a ‘v’!”

Since Notre Dame’s bowl game is tomorrow, I told him that the V stood for victory!


This year, I brought Adrianna to celebrate my birthday at Coldstone.  We had a fun girls’ night out and got some yummy dark chocolate peppermint ice cream with raspberries. (Note to self: don’t wear a white sweater while eating dark chocolate ice cream with a 21 month old next to you!)


Here is a sneak peek of what story time at our house looks like:

St. Nick  came to visit the kids again this year!  It was fun this year because both kids were able to open their presents on their own. The  Dora and Diego candy canes were their favorite sweet treat!  Austin also loved the fresh mango and pretty much ate the whole fruit  himself!

St. Nick also visited Grandma Vicki’s house and brought presents for the kids. They both got new Christmas pajamas and Austin even got a preschool math book. I’ve never seen a kid so excited about math!  He finished the book in about 2 nights; he couldn’t get enough!

In the craziness of life, sometimes I forget how fleeting these years will be. I don’t want to forgot the innocence and the love that our kids bring us every day. This picture of Austin just makes me smile.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we put up the Christmas tree as a family. It was a perfect morning! The kids wore wear their Santa pajamas, we listened to Christmas music, we danced around the living room, drank hot chocolate and Adrianna officially pulled every ornament (in her reach) off of the tree.

This year, we stayed in Sandusky for Thanksgiving and enjoyed a very relaxing family weekend. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Sandi’s house and had a great time!

Look at the difference a year makes!  Here is Adrianna modeling her turkey hat from Grandma Therese:

Austin loved playing the casino slots game in Ken’s Bar and playing the board games. He even played Pizza Party, which was one of my favorite board games growing up!

Adrianna loved all of the stuffed animals. She would collect all of the animals and try to carry as many as she could around the house with her.


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