February 2011

Adrianna, our favorite little girl in the world turned two last week and we can hardly believe it.  She is such a joy and we couldn’t be happier that she is our daughter. She loves to make us smile but remains a diva. We love you, Adrianna Charlotte, our little starlet.

Here are the stats from her doctor check-up:

Height – 34 inches (50 percentile)
Weight – 25 lbs, 8 ounces (25 percentile)
Head Circumference – 43 cm


Adrianna likes to yell, “c’mon guys! Let’s go!” or “c’mon boys!”

The other day, we had grilled chicken and potatoes for dinner.  Austin insisted that he didn’t like it (although he’s had it before and loved it), so he refused to eat. I told him that he had to eat 3 more bites of chicken and 3 more bites of potatoes before he was done. Then he looked at me and said “But, mom, that’s SIX bites!” (can you tell that he is obsessed with math?)  🙂

Adrianna also likes to say “c’mon daddy!” and will grab his hand and usually lead him to the kitchen to get a snack.

Austin got a new bed a couple weeks ago. The bed set is actually a bunk bed with a trundle bed underneath and he sleeps on a different bed every night. Adrianna got Austin’s old twin bed set and they are both so happy and the bedtime routine has become a little bit easier.

When Adrianna wants to sing the ABC’s during music time, she asks for “CCD”.

Austin likes playing Just Dance 2 since we got it a couple weeks ago. Actually, he mainly likes to dance to Monster Mash.  In fact, he BEAT me the other day! He literally got a higher score than me.  Watch out ladies!

When Adrianna coughs, she always says, “excuse me, I burped!”

When Adrianna asks for a vitamin or a marshmallow, they sound the same “nem-a-nem-a-nem”! ha!