April 2011

Today was one of those days that everything just seemed to go right.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous (60’s in the morning, 70’s in the afternoon) and the sun was shining all day.

Here are some random thoughts on today:

First, Austin and I ran some errands and had “mommy-austin time” We ran to Sam’s Club to pick up diapers and wipes for Adrianna and some goldfish for the kids. Then we stopped at the dollar store to pick up the supplies for Austin’s 4th birthday party in the first week in May. He was so excited to pick out the supplies for his party. He is so excited for his birthday, in fact, that he has a calendar with a countdown in his room until his birthday. Only 26 days to go!

Next we stopped at Walmart to pick up the new family calendar that we had made (our last calendar went through March, we are always a little late!). We also picked out swimsuits for both kids, as they are going to start swim lessons in a couple of weeks. Then we picked out two movies from RedBox, Tangled for the kids and The Next Three Days for Brittan and me. After these three stops, we were both getting hungry, so we stopped at Sonic. It has been open in Sandusky for a year, but we just went there for a first time today!  We both got a junior burger  and shared small fries and small tater tots and a strawberry cream slush.  We decided to watch part of the Tangled movie in the van monitor, so he sat up in the front passenger seat by me and he thought he was the man!

After finishing up our lunch, we headed to Toys R Us to look at scooters for his birthday. By this point, he was exhausted and just wanted to watch some TV with a video game playing on it. So I continued to look at the scooters and we left in a few minutes. I was very impressed with how well Austin did during all of our errands this morning. After all our stops, we headed home and took a nap together on Brittan and my bed.  It was a much needed nap for both of us and we were happy to see Adrianna and daddy when we woke up and they were ready to go to the park!

We had to search for some warm weather clothes, but we were headed out the door in just a few minutes. We went to Osborne Park and the kids were able to burn off some energy and soak up some sun.  (Although, I’m pretty sure that Adriana got some pink on her cheeks, oops!). They played all over the play area and then we went for a walk up and down the soccer fields and also watched some families fly kites. It was SO wonderful to enjoy the fresh air and see how much fun the kids were having. I don’t think that I stopped smiling all day. After the park, we took the kids to get ice cream at Eats ‘n’ Treats. They each picked a kid’s cup of Superman ice cream, while I got a strawberry banana smoothie (the kids drank more of it than I did!) and Brittan got moosetracks ice cream.  The kids were so good all day, and we were more than happy to treat them to ice cream!

After ice cream, we headed home for dinner (backwards, I know) and then gave the kids baths. After bath time, we all cuddled on Brittan and my bed and watched Tangled together. The kids each had a small bowl of goldfish and a cup of milk.

Now, Brittan is watching “The Next Three Days” while I’m blogging next to him. The windows are open, with a slight breeze blowing through the room.

I just smile thinking about how blessed I am. What a perfect day.



Caitlin came to visit us over her Spring Break and we loved having her at our house. The kids LOVED having her around and playing with her as soon as they came home from school. I think that they played Zingo (Austin’s favorite game) every day after school. Thanks for coming to visit us, CCG!

My camera is still broken, so I only got one “good” picture on my phone from her visit. Here is CCG and Austin:

Adrianna and Brittan rarely wear socks around the house and it can get cold in the winter! Brittan randomly decided to warm his feet on the fireplace, so of course Adrianna followed suit!

Just some random shots of our beautiful little girl…

Wearing her backpack from Australia from Aunt Caitlin:

TU-TU!  Adrianna would wear a tutu every day if we’d let her!

She got free blueberry samples at Sam’s Club and she was excited!

Adrianna is a rock star! Don’t Strawberry Shortcake sunglasses just shout “rock star”!?

Jacki came to visit us for the week of Adrianna’s birthday and we were so happy to have her here to celebrate with us! Most of the pictures from Adrianna’s birthday are on Jacki’s camera, but here are a few from my phone. We took Adrianna shopping on her birthday (at Target, of course) and got a snack after shopping.  The weather was awful and snowy that day, so we were limited to what we could do, but Adrianna was one happy birthday girl!

Austin isn’t a huge fan of being outside in the cold, but when he saw how much fun Adrianna had outside, he had to go, too!

Snow angels:

Attempting to make snow balls:

Love this awesome kid!

There was a sheet of ice below the first layer of snow, so he could sit on the snow and not sink it. He thought it was very cool!

One of his favorite parts, HOT chocolate with strawberry flavored marhmallows:

Adrianna loves playing outside, even when it is cold (she doesn’t get cold like her mommy!)  Thankfully, it wasn’t too cold in January, so we headed outside in the snow and she was in heaven! She wanted to go down the slide, but got a little upset when she got stuck in the snow at the bottom. She was super happy to swing, though!

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