Just some random quotes from the A Team:

While playing the game Trouble, the kids will put their hands over the popper and say “Are you ready for this action?!” I have no idea where they got that saying from…

Adrianna’s version of the song Jingle Bells: “Tinker Bells, Tinker Bells, Tinker all the way!”

“What a beautiful town!” -Austin, referring to the Christmas lights downtown.When we drove a different way the next day, he said “Where’s the beautiful town?”

“Are you serious?” -Adrianna

“….., okay?” -Adrianna adds “Okay” to the end of every sentence, especially if she knows that we won’t agree with her.

“I love this chicken! It’s the best chicken ever! I want to eat it a zillion times!” -Austin, referring to Crockpot BBQ Chicken.

There are so many other funny things that they have been saying lately! I need to start writing them down!