Since Brittan ruptured his Achilles tendon over 7 weeks ago, I figured that it was time to blog about it. I don’t want to forget (not that I ever could forget, even if I tried) all that we have been through!


Monday, January 23: Brittan completely ruptured his Achilles tendon playing basketball at the multi-purpose room at SMCC. We went to the NOMS Urgent Care and Dr. Tesmond said that it was completely ruptured and it will be a long recovery. Dr. Tesmod put a glorified Ace bandage on Brittan’s leg to use until his first doctor’s appointment.

Tuesday, January 24: First doctor appointment with Dr. Shine, the orthopaedic surgeon. He said that it is in fact completely ruptured and Brittan will need surgery ASAP. Dr. Shine put Brittan in a boot and we bought crutches for him from OE Meyer. He is not able to drive, since it is his right foot that is affected.

Wednesday, January 25: Brittan has 2 MRIs of his leg to see the extent of the damage.

Friday, January 27: Dr. Shine performs the Achilles surgery to fix Brittan’s leg. The surgery only took about 2 hours from start to finish. After surgery, they put a split on his leg.

Tuesday, February 7: Dr. Shine removed the splint and put a hard (blue) cast on Brittan in a pointed toe position.

Tuesday, February 21: (Adrianna’s 3rd birthday!) Dr. Shine removed the previous hard cast and put another hard (black) cast on Brittan’s leg. This cast is in a more neutral, natural position.

Tuesday, March 6: Brittan’s cast is removed! He is put in a large, walking boot, but he must still use the crutches to bear his weight. He is allowed to apply some weight when he feels comfortable enough to do so.

Thursday, March 8: Brittan drives to work for the first time! He uses his right foot for the gas pedal and the left foot for the brake pedal.

Sunday, March 11: He starts to bear a little weight and can “walk”! He basically drags his right foot, but he is able to do this for short distances without using his crutches. We thought we’d never see this day!

His next (and hopefully final) appointment is on Tuesday, March 27th. We are hoping that he will be fully walking by then! We shall see!