At 4 years old, Adrianna is such a joy and a challenge. We love her so much and she is very particular about what she loves. Here are some tidbits about Adrianna:


She calls a band-aid “Band-AGE” (combination of bandaids and bandage).

She says “ath-ter” instead of After.

She adds “right, mom?” to the end of most of her statements to confirm that she is correct.

She claims “I NEVER” or “I ALWAYS do that!”…even if she’s only done it once.

“I am the princess, Austin’s the prince, Daddy’s the king and Mommy’s the queen!”

She hates to have her hair brushed.

She is very particular about what shoes she wears.

Loves writing her name and all the names in our family.

I asked her why she doesn’t like to listen during dance class (which is tap and ballet) and she said that she just likes to “do her own thing”!

She loves to do anything art-related. Her favorite art project is coloring. She would color for hours of end and she prefers markers over crayons.

Loves the TV Shows My Little Pony and The Three Stooges

Saw her first movie in a theatre, Escape from the Planet Earth on 3/3/13, and she did awesome! She even shushed me when I leaned in to whisper something to her during the movie!

Loves to help mommy cook, bake and decorate. She was bummed when we had leftovers for dinner because “she wanted to help make a big dinner!”

Loves to go grocery shopping with mommy and ride Sandy the horse afterward.

She is allowed to pick one treat at the store if she is good and she always picks blueberries.

Her favorite foods are strawberries, blueberries and grapes. She avoids most meats and would rather have corn or broccoli as her sides. She likes to buy a clementine at the little fruit stand inside of Meijer.

Still loves the color purple.

Loves to be “cozy bozy” but she gets hot very easily under the covers

She wants no blankets to cover her when she sleeps. Instead, she likes to hug the blankets underneath her.

She loves to have her back scratched before bed.

She continuously comes downstairs after being put to bed because “she just wants one more hug and kiss”.

She loves to play in the snow and get hot chocolate afterward.

She is excited to be old enough to ride the bumper cars and tall enough to ride the motorcycles at Cedar Point this year!

She loves to “watch TV on mommy and daddy’s bed!” – Especially after bath time.

She calls her eyelashes “lie-lashes”.

She loves Disney music, especially Tangled and Beauty and the Beast.