May 2013


Austin is such a smart, kind-hearted and sweet child. He is a definite first-born people-pleaser and wants to be friends with everyone. Here are some tidbits about him at age 6:

–He is still obsessed with math. His favorites are adding and multiplication, but he is starting to like simple algebra.

— He LOVES sports. His favorite teams are: Michigan (all sports), Cleveland Browns, Miami Heat and Cleveland Indians. He knows all the players on the teams and knows a lot of their stats.

— Every morning when he wakes up, he has to ask Siri who won the games last night. In order for Siri (on the iPhone/iPod) to understand him, Austin has to speak. like. a. robot.

— He is currently reading at a second grade level. He is probably beyond that, but that is as far as his teacher, Mrs. Gosser, has tested him right now. He’s also at least at a second grade level in math.

— He continues to despise art and coloring. His handwriting is improving, but he still puts as little effort as possible into coloring.

— He loves to play kickball at Extended Day at school. His nicknames (by other kids) are The Beast, Awesome Austin and Austin, Jr. (there is a fifth grader named Austin there, too).

— He still loves taking the bus to school every morning.

— He always complains about having to get in the shower, but he never wants to get out when he’s in there.

— He can read very well, but struggles with spelling.

— He takes after his daddy and doesn’t like shopping (even for sports-related gear!).

— His favorite color is red (“like Mario!”).

— He loves to play sports games on his iPod (NBA Jam, NFL, etc…)

— He loves powered donuts for breakfast.

— His favorite food, since he has been 2 years old, is cheeseburgers with ketchup only. He doesn’t really like fries – he would rather eat multiple burgers than waste stomach space on french fries!

— He continues to bite his finger nails to barely nothing.

— He loves to play with the Little Tykes basketball hoop and have slam dunk contests. He looks up videos on YouTube and tries to recreate the dunks.

— He went to the University of Michigan basketball clinic in April and he got to meet nearly the entire team and get all of their autographs. You would have thought that Austin was in heaven.


6 years old!

Happy golden birthday, Austin! We love you so much!

Austin had his 6 year doctor check-up on his actual birthday and here are his stats:

Height: 45.5 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 45.4 lbs (50th percentile)