At age 5, here is what Adrianna is up to!



— Since we just moved to the new house on March 23, 2014, Adrianna loves to play in her new toy room in the basement. She also loves her (much bigger) bedroom!

— She did a biddy cheer clinic through SCCS and she loved it! She just stood there for the first chant, but she warmed right up and did the rest of the chants and the dance to Pharell’s “Happy”.

— She still loves almost all fruits and veggies. She doesn’t like tomatoes, but loves ketchup. Her new favorite condiment is ranch.

— She loves riding the bus and going to school. Her best friends are Addy F, Ella G, Ruby C and Meredith J.

— She continues to love gymnastics at the Y. Her favorite event is the bars because she loves to go high!

— Her favorite treat is Mikey’s, the local frozen yogurt shop. She mostly get fruit toppings (kiwi, strawberries, etc…) but also loves chocolate chips with sprinkles.

— Her favorite classes at school are music, art and gym.

— She is learning to read and is doing great!

— Her favorite store is Target. She also likes to go grocery shopping and pick out produce.

— She loves to wear her Anna dress (from the movie Frozen) that Austin got her for her birthday. She loves to wear all her dresses now that she can see them all in her closet at once. One of her favorite “dresses” is her Michigan cheerleading outfit.

— Adrianna loves to ride her bike around the new cul-de-sac.

— She started taking showers when she turned five instead of baths. But she LOVES the new “hot tub” in the master bathroom.

— Still loves the color purple and it was even the theme of her birthday party. Everyone had to wear purple and she had a “Frozen” birthday cake.

— She could listen to the Frozen soundtrack on repeat all day long.

— Her favorite ice cream is cookies and cream and chocolate.