February 2015

Here are Adrianna’s stats at age 6 (from his doctor’s appointment on 2/25/15):

Height: 43 inches (25th percentile)

Weight: 43 pounds (50th percentile)

She’s a “square” just like Austin was at age 6, except he was 45 inches and 45 pounds!





Here’s a snapshot of Adrianna at age 6!

6th Birthday Party at Skateworld/Ghostly Manor

6th Birthday Party at Skateworld/Ghostly Manor

  • Her favorite songs are “Jealous” by Nick Jonas, “Hard Knock Life” from the movie Annie, and “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.
  • She is very independent and makes her own snacks after school.
  • Loves snuggling (being cozy bozy) and having popcorn/movie nights. Austin has been reading the Harry Potter book series, so we have been watching the movies as a family together. She loves the movies, but some can be a bit scary to her.
  • Her favorite store is Justice. She could shop in there for hours and never get bored.
  • She still loves soft pretzels with cheese, but nachos with cheese are a close second.
  • Loves vanilla bean frapps for Starbucks.
  • She continues to wear a dress or skirt EVERY DAY. This includes wearing a jumper to school instead of pants. She has never worn pants to school (minus leggings and jeans on “spirit days”) in Kindergarten.
  • Her favorite colors are pink, purple and SPARKLE.
  • She continues to love gymnastics and bars is her favorite event. She always has an awesome “finish” at the end of each event and perfects it at home. We are so proud that she works so hard at gymnastics. She loves to cartwheel around the house! She loves getting new leotards and got a Michigan one for her birthday from Grandpa Brad and Grandma Therese. She even likes to watch gymnastics on TV, too. We are planning to go to Michigan next month to watch Big Ten championships in Ann Arbor.


  • She loves anything arts and crafts related. She loves the beads that you put according to the pattern and then use a ironing board to melt them. Her new favorite craft is Beados and creating necklaces with beads. She is so artsy and creative-we are proud of her!
  • Still loves the movie Frozen. She even has the Fatheads in her room of all the characters that she got for Christmas 2014.
  • She is in Girl Scouts this year and is loving it. She is going to the Daddy/Daughter Dance on Saturday, February 28, 2015 and can’t wait to be with her daddy! “I’m going to make a craft, eat dinner, dance and get a patch with my daddy! It’s gonna be so fun!” She also sold 291 boxes of Girl Scout cookies!
  • She thinks it is fun to pester her brother. She just knows what buttons to push.
  • She pronounces the “-ed” at the end of words and adds it when it isn’t needed. Jumped = jumpDID. Put= PutDID
  • Tries to take baths instead of showers. She got bath crystals for Christmas and her birthday, so she is getting away with it for now.
  • She would rather eat fruit and veggies instead of meat. She will try pretty much any food.
  • Her favorite food is plums.
  • Her best friend is McKenna Valentine.
  • Some of her favorite TV shows: 19 Kids & Counting, Gymnastics Shows, Dancing Shows (SYTYCD and DWTS)
  • Still loves the sleep in and stay up late, but she knows when she is tired and will ask to go to bed.
  • She loves to wear matching clothes with her American Girl doll, Kirsten
  • She really enjoys going to school and loves her teacher, Jane Gosser. Adri doesn’t like taking the bus, though, because it comes so early (6:43 am)
  • She splits between hot lunch and packed lunch. She likes the burgers and tacos at school.
  • She really wants to have a loose tooth like Austin, but none are budging yet.
  • Her reading has really improved the past few months. She loves reading signs when we are out and about or driving to see what they say. It has really opened a new world for her!
  • She loves shopping anywhere, even to the grocery store. She is my little helper and is learning all about the different fruits and veggies and what to look for when you are buying those foods.
  • She loves getting her legs and back scratched before bed. Then she likes to be tucked in nice and tight, including a flat sheet, which she never used until about a month ago.
  • She was excited to hear that she won’t need shots until she is 11! Dr. Dutko said that she is very healthy, but petite. He said “with her body type, she would make a great gymnast!” She said that she does gymnastics and she was proud!