IMG_8234 Austin James on his First Communion Day

About Austin at age 8:

His favorite foods are burgers with mustard only, pizza and fruit smoothies. He refuses to eat almost any kind of fruit, but would eat any fruit/spinach combination for smoothies.

He knows how to tie his shoes, but they are constantly untied.

He still loves to read and asked for books for his birthday because “I already read all of the books that I own!”

Even though he has pajamas, he always sleeps in his underwear.

Austin is such a loving, sweet boy. While at home, he loves to cuddle and hug, but he won’t kiss on the lips (only on the cheek).

He loves to watch YouTube videos to learn how to play video games and Clash of Clans better.


He still likes to play basketball, baseball, football and go fishing. He is excited to go to Kelleys Island over Memorial Day weekend so that he can go fishing next to Grandpa’s cabin.

He really likes to ride the spinning rides at Cedar Point, but doesn’t want to ride any of the big roller roasters.


He finally lost his fifth tooth after being loose for nearly 4 months. He lost it by snapping his fingers in his mouth during class!

Austin made his First Communion on Sunday, May 3 and he said “I’m so excited to receive Jesus!”. Be still my heart.

He is really into Pokemon trading cards right now. It is a huge craze for the second graders at St. Mary’s right now. Adrianna is even into it!

His favorite “old” movie is The Sandlot.

He loves vanilla bean frapps from Starbucks.

Austin continues to be an amazing big brother. Even though he can pester her at times, he is SO sweet with Adrianna. He was made to be a big brother! 🙂

He has started to become a bit more independent and he loves that we praise him for helping around the house and with his own things (making his own snack for school, taking showers without being asked, etc…)

Austin - Spring 2015 pic

Austin is still an early riser. He doesn’t like when he sleeps in before school because he really likes his alone time on the iPad/TV before everyone else wakes up.

He had his birthday party at the Lake Erie Crushers game and he got to throw the First Pitch. He was so excited to be there with his friends and throw the pitch on the diamond!


Austin likes to have us “crack an egg” on his head and/or legs with our hands. He also likes his head rubbed and his back scratched before bed.

He continues to hate going shopping – even for items that he likes (sports stuff)!