His favorite foods are burgers with mustard only, pizza and hot dogs. He can make his own hot dogs in the microwave, so it’s his go-to food when he’s hungry.

Austin loves that his mom started working at his school. He even gives me hugs at school!

He loves all Cleveland sports, but can’t watch when the score is close, Nervous Nelly!

He still loves to read and we are constantly checking out books at the library. We can never keep enough books at home for him because he reads so fast! He likes Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Encyclopedia Brown.


His favorite cold treat is orange sherbert.

He LOVES to watch WWE and we got him WWE SmackDown tickets for July. He couldn’t believe it! He is going with his boy cousins, daddy and uncle Brandon.

Austin is such a loving, sweet boy. I’m not ready for him to grow up!

Austin and Adrianna are both doing the Erie MetroParks Nature Camps this summer and his favorite activity is archery. He loves it.

He loves to watch YouTube videos on the iPad and do pretend NBA drafts on the computer.

He still likes to play basketball, baseball, football and go fishing. He is excited to go to Kelleys Island over Memorial Day weekend so that he can go fishing next to Grandpa’s cabin.


He likes riding the roller coasters at Cedar Point now, but only with his friends. He likes to ride the spinny rides at Cedar Point with Adrianna.

He lost one of his front teeth a while ago, but still has his other front tooth that looks huge compared to his other teeth!

His favorite “old” movie is The Sandlot.

He loves vanilla bean frapps from Starbucks and asked for one on his birthday.

Austin continues to be an amazing big brother. Even though he can pester her at times, he is SO sweet with Adrianna. He was made to be a big brother!:)

He has started to become a bit more independent and he loves that we praise him for helping around the house and with his own things (making his own snack for school, taking showers without being asked, etc…)

Austin is still an early riser, but is starting to sleep in a little more. He may be going through a growth spurt!

He had his birthday party at the Lake Erie Crushers game and he got to throw the First Pitch again. It was just an exhibition game, so he and his friends got to play pretty much every game and win every prize. All the boys stayed the night afterward and we all survived! 🙂

He continues to hate going shopping – even for items that he likes (sports stuff)!